Supervision as a safe but challenging place

Supervision should be a safe place for you to explore your work as a counsellor, sex therapist or other client-facing professional, and to reflect on your feeling regarding your clients. It should also be a challenging experience that allows you to increase your confidence, skills and knowledge.

Safe but challenging supervision means:

  • You being certain that I will maintain practical and ethical boundaries
  • Us being jointly responsible for how we work together
  • Us recognising that supervision is about you and your clients, but that it is not therapy
  • Us having mutual respect for each other’s professional expertise
  • Us being able to explore ideas together in an enquiring and supportive way
  • Us feeling able to challenge the other in a respectful but searching way
  • You having a written contract setting out the practical and ethical aspects of our work

The contract covers:

  • Frequency, duration and location of supervision
  • Payment
  • Cancellation policy
  • Record keeping
  • Preparation for supervision
  • Relationship with your employer, if relevant
  • Reviewing our work together
  • The procedure if a client of someone else is at serious risk of harm
  • Raising issues and dealing with complaints about supervision

My style of supervision is based on the belief that supervision is a process. It is not dependent upon a particular counselling theory and, for example, I work harmoniously with person-centred counsellors and with psychosexual therapists.

I am also happy to work with professionals from outside the counselling and therapy professions, for example I supervise a social worker. I aim to work in a collegiate way – we are colleagues working together towards a common goal.

For times and prices please see supervision services.

If you are interested in booking a session or have a question, then please contact me.